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Now that you’ve seen the glass couture pieces from the fashion show, it’s time to put the spotlight on the people. Here I am with the Producer of Burst, Emily Barnett, who along with her team managed to pull of a fantastic event in only five weeks. Talk about performing under pressure! By the end Read More →


I was so excited when my friend and fellow blogger Emily Barnett from Living 11 let me know about Burst , a fashion show she was working on,  which was going to be featuring glass couture pieces from around the world, including a number of pieces from local and Canadian artists. Ok, so back up Read More →


Last Thursday I was invited to the Mexx VIP Shopping Soirée, which celebrated the opening of their new store in Market Mall. Upon arrival we were greeted by Shanon, the store manager, who took us through 20 years of Mexx history, from their early beginnings  importing clothing into Europe from India, to the merging of Read More →


Things won’t make sense to anyone until they start working out, then people will stop asking why you are doing things, and they will begin asking how you are making things happen. Regardless, don’t abandon your ship until it has reached your paradise. Now that the days are getting warmer I can finally let my Read More →


Last week I was invited to the Mexx VIP Shopping Soiree to celebrate the new look of their renovated store at Market Mall, which is going on this Thursday, May 23 from 5 to 9 p.m. Besides getting first dibs on their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, everyone will receive 25% off regular priced items – how Read More →


  When people talk about having a childlike innocence, I think they are referring to being non-discriminatory (i.e. not picky). You give a kid a colouring book and he’s a happy camper, you give him toys, marbles, sticks, rocks, balls, basically he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. It’s not hard to Read More →


Each morning the surfer grabbed his board, waxed it as every surfer knows to do, put on his wet suit and headed to the beach. There he sat waiting, waiting for the perfect wave. Other surfers went in the water riding all sorts of waves, getting better with each one, gaining speed and balance, even Read More →


As a little girl in school, I remember our teachers made us do little projects customized for each holiday theme, you know, little knick knacks to give to our parents as presents: happy farther’s day cards, a little snow man for the fridge during christmas time, a jewellery box made out of popsicle sticks for Read More →


A friend who’s been married for 34 years told me that the secret to a long marriage is to never stop courting your spouse. He said it’s important to keep being affectionate towards one another, to kiss, and to keep the romance alive. As with everything else in life, relationships need upkeep. Just like plants Read More →

The Shoe that doesn't Fit

I love that little things can say so much about one person. By looking at the picture above you can draw so many conclusions, and although you don’t really know a person until you know a person, you can still see that the shoes really fit their  respective owners. This is also my cleverly fitting Read More →