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It’s just simply more fun when we let loose and let go. So stretch your freak muscle and shake it. Yell, scream, heckle, laugh out loud, smile to strangers, twerk on the dance floor, dance without music, whistle down the street, feel the world around you, stand tall and take it all in. You’ve earned Read More →


When people say we only use 6 or 10% of our brains, it does not mean that the rest of the neurons sit there in atrophy. Au contraire, our brains are smart organisms and therefore certain areas of the brain shut down when they are not being used. If you think of it, it’s similar Read More →


When faced with a problem, or the consequences of a mistake I have made, I start feeling stress and anxiety starts running through my veins. It helps to write down the problem, and then think of a solution. Execute the solution and then wait for the result. If successful, then breathe. If unsuccessful, then breathe, Read More →