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May long weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and if this weekend is any indication of what this summer is going to be like, it will be fun, action packed and filled with good company. May long weekend is always uncertain when it comes to the weather, and although we had initially planned for Read More →


We never begin with the result, and the result never comes at the beginning. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everything is a process. The thing is that we are so used to things happening so quickly that the mere thought of going through a process puts us outside our comfort zone. The discomfort Read More →


  When people talk about having a childlike innocence, I think they are referring to being non-discriminatory (i.e. not picky). You give a kid a colouring book and he’s a happy camper, you give him toys, marbles, sticks, rocks, balls, basically he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. It’s not hard to Read More →