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Today, I woke up to -40 degree weather, which meant I had to put too much clothing on and fight that little voice in my head that told me to go back to bed and curl up under my blankets. But, no such luck when you live in a country where half the year is Read More →


Who needs a new 42 megapixel camera? Who needs a new phone? Who needs both? For free? Actually, who doesn’t? Thanks to Telus and Feeling Urban you can win this phone with three super simple steps. 1). Suscribe to my blog by writing your email inside the box on the right sidebar —>>> and hitting Read More →


When I forget my phone at home, or it’s uncharged, I feel like I’m missing a limb. We are so dependent on these devices for everything, from social media, to email, to getting directions to that cool new place you can’t seem to remember where it’s at. Our phones can literally do almost everything for Read More →