Life has a way of auditing when you are being true to yourself, says the eternal artist, Jason Lamacraft who has been painting for over 15 years as a passion and as a therapeutic outlet for everything that life throws at him. Since we met, almost a decade ago, he’s been drawing, designing and painting, incessantly scheming of ways to improve his art in order to immerse himself in an industry where his talent could earn him a living. Somehow life always got in the way. While Jason worked on his art, there were always bills to pay which moved him from industry to industry, but for one reason or another, those stints never lasted for long. But when things stop working out, it’s not all a mystery; it simply is Life’s way of telling us that this is not the plan for us. “I tried not being me, and it didn’t work out”, says Jason, so he started assessing the areas that could help him get one step closer to his dream. He started immersing himself in the worlds of graphic design, web design, and even project management in efforts of sharpening the tools needed to promote himself and his work. 

If we ask ourselves what we want in life, I’m sure most of our answers will be very similar. We want to find meaning in our lives, follow our passions, be successful (whatever that means), and have relationships that bring love and happiness to our lives. But, where to begin? Jason shared with us a formula that’s taken him some time to understand and implement. First, you have to figure out what YOU want for yourself, figure out what you want to do, and then figure out what you have to do to get there. Second, and this is a constant action item, is to “manage your bullshit”. When an opportunity shows up don’t be negative about it. Deal with you inner voice, shut down the negativity, become positive about your potential and about finding solutions to whatever challenges you are facing at that time. Lastly, have faith, believe in yourself, or at least commit to doing what you enjoy. 

When I asked him what held him back all these years, he responded with full honesty: “Being sensitive to other people’s perception”. That is, until he realized that depending on external opinion and approval is a dead end, and tends to pull you away from your true self. You need to develop confidence in order to make your voice louder than the opinion and expectations others may have of you. Having done enough navigating through the expectations others had of him, Jason decided to take his passion seriously and go after the life he always dreamed of. He went out and bought some art supplies and started experimenting with paint, not searching for a reward in particular, but simply exploring his art and creativity. And, since no one will come knocking on your door begging for you to share your awesomeness with the world, he put up his pieces on his website. His art pieces have also been featured in ArtBombDaily.com, a carefully curated online auction where Canadian artists can market and sell their work to thousands of potential buyers.

You can check out Jason’s portfolio of work at jlamcraft.com and his clothing line at yubiapparel.com.

Biggie MestreBimba DaddyIssuesIMG_4888

Jason, thank you for inspiring us with your words and your journey. Today we celebrate you, your talent and your determination to take your dreams seriously and pursue the life you always wanted.

PS: Huge thank you for the beautiful painting that now adorns my wall!

<3 love <3 love <3 love <3


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