Calgary is full of awesomeness, and one of my favourite places is without a doubt the Gorilla House. Frank took me there a few months ago for a surprise date that surprised us both. Never having been there, we didn’t know what to expect. The Gorilla House is a magical place that brings together artists of all kinds, painters, musicians, photographers and more. Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm artists are given three themes for inspiration, they have 2 hours to create the piece and at 9pm the auction starts. Artists have the option of putting their piece up for auction, and what price they want to start the bidding at. Starting prices range from $5 to $50 depending on the size of the piece, and there’s a lot of talent and variety to satisfy any taste.

What I love about this space is the privilege to see the process of creation because we always see the piece once it’s finished, but we never see the different steps the artist takes to arrive at her vision. Throughout the main floor and the basement, artists spread out enthralled by their creations, tweaking, smudging, calculating, and giving their final stroke. Everyone has the opportunity to interact with the artists, ask questions, and find out more about their inspiration, which sometimes deviates from the three assigned themes for the night.

Rich Theroux is the owner of the Gorilla House and after talking to his mom, she let me know that he had been thinking about this idea for about 10 years, until Rich finally saved enough money to get it going. He started it in 2012 with the idea of running it during the summer months, also because that’s how long his earnings were able to cover him for. After a few months, he realized this was a good idea and has continue to run it ever since. The support of the community has been amazing, bringing people from all walks of life, even children come to the Gorilla House, they paint and auction their art. No piece goes unsold, so be sure to get yours on Wednesday at 14th Street and 15th Ave Sw.

PS: Today is International Artist Day! So happy day of you to all the artists that make our world a bit more colourful and happy!


With Rick Theroux, the brains behind it all!

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In the last year or so, I’ve seen my taste change, and buttoning my shirts up all the way has been something I’ve embraced. I used to think it was too constricting and a little dorky, but not anymore! I still wanted to keep the outfit casual, but since the warm days are gone, tights and shorts seemed like the way to go.


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