One of my favourite things to do is to go to the used book store a few blocks from our place to see what new gems await to be discovered. On our last visit, we walked in and immediately headed to the back of the store, where there were stacks of books sitting on a table waiting for the staff to sort through them and put them away. On top of one of the stacks, one book lay there demanding my full attention: “Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior” by Chogyam Trungpa. Warrior here doesn’t refer to those who make war, rather it simply makes reference to being brave.

Tibetan tradition tells a story of Shambhala, a legendary kingdom and a place of peace and prosperity, governed by wise and compassionate rulers, which served as a model society. From here teachings have emanated into something called the Shambhala vision. The first principle of Shambhala and the key to warriorship is not being afraid of who we are.

When we think of why we are not ourselves, we often blame society and its expectations of us, but seldom do we address this as a problem of our own. Perhaps it’s less about society expecting us to behave in a certain way, and more about us being afraid of who we are. The beautiful part is we are all here to bring a little magic to the world, but when we hide our true nature we not only cheat ourselves, but also the world from tasting a different flavour.

What’s fashion’s best invention? A skirt (or dress) with pockets, of course! They’re a rare breed, but when you can find one it automatically goes on your list of favourite pieces – no questions asked.


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