IMG_2165This was my face this morning, when I woke up and saw it was snowing outside. That was pretty much my face the whole time we were having brunch. Sure that white stuff used to come way before in earlier years, but it I was growing so fond of the warm autumn days that watching it snow seemed like a total curve ball from mother nature. I still appreciated how long the nice days lasted, though, ahh… such an unforgettable fall. Can you believe it’s November  already? Two months left to kick ass, and build momentum to start 2014 on a high, high note. 

IMG_2174 IMG_2178 IMG_2168 IMG_2163 IMG_2189 IMG_2175 IMG_2166 IMG_2181 IMG_2167 IMG_2176 IMG_2188 IMG_2172 IMG_2179 IMG_2184 IMG_2180Holding on those warm summer days for a little bit longer, reminiscing of when our shoe selection expanded beyond boots and we could wiggle our toes to our hearts content. The days of open toe shoes, summer dresses,kisses blown into the air, summer festivals, mini doughnuts, kids selling lemonade, long summer days, warm nights,  lovers holding hands, my favourite moments all wrapped into one. Feminine silhouettes such as this turquoise dress, which is accentuated by the white wedges and short sleeve blazer. A mix of vintage jewelry to adorn the neckline and add a little bling.


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