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Back in university, we were assigned an activity that had a huge impact on me. We had to develop our own Tree of Life (for more info click here), a depiction of our life based on our values (the roots), our strengths (the core/trunk), our life domains (boughs), our goals and achievements (both positive and negative as the fruits or dead limbs), and how all of these were interconnected with each other. With difficulty, I tried to identify the most salient areas of my life that would represent the boughs of my tree. I could come up with only three: work, school, and fitness, though I’m not sure if that was the third one. Having depicted my life in this way, I felt a little sad and disappointed that my tree only had three branches. I wanted a full life, but that life I was living seemed to satisfy only the bare minimum. Three areas, that was it! 

Sometimes we need to put things on paper to get a good visual of where we stand. This was a good exercise that planted a seed within me and a desire to expand my life into different areas. Any financial advisor will tell us to diversify our investments, and perhaps this advice can seep into other areas of our life beyond our money. Perhaps it is wise to work on growing a few more branches, so that we may get satisfaction from more than just work and the gym. When we only have a two or three branches, and one breaks, the void can feel infinite, insurmountable and absolutely devastating. With such a big void to fill, we may feel powerless and lost. But, if we diversify our life into more than a few areas, we’ll have the experience of starting anew, and the confidence that comes with this. Plus, if one branch breaks, we’ll still have a few more to support us, and the void will be smaller and easier to fill. 

Like they say, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, and don’t make your life a two-branch tree =P

IMG_4278 IMG_4285 IMG_4303 IMG_4283

I work in an environment where it’s not fitting to dress up, so on my days off I have to step it up, so that I can wear all the skirts and dresses I have. This is one of my favourite skirts, which I paired with with a pink top and a neon scarf. One of the colour combinations I’m in love with at the moment.


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