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Tsunami of love | Feeling Urban


What a good feeling it is to be loved. It has the sweetest taste, like your very favourite food in the whole wide world, it has the most fragrant aroma, like freshly brewed coffee in the morning, it has the softest touch, like the skin of a baby, but it touches you deeply and it goes right through your heart. The love of a stranger, of a friend, of a family member, of your lover, of your self, love in any form is the greatest force because it makes you feel both vulnerable and invincible, safe and raw. But, love needs to be cultivated. We need to tend to our relationships constantly. Let people know we care. Celebrate what’s important to others. Share their interests even if they’re different than ours, if anything just so we have something to talk about passionately together and get away from the “What are you doing this weekend?” small talk that is so commonly used to fill the silence. Call. Text. Kiss. Hug. Bite (but only sometimes hehe). But most importantly forgive. Forgive others and yourself and make room for love. It’s important to invest in love because if we don’t the well dries out, for us and for everyone else too. Love always. Love and love some more. Funny thing is, it tends to come back tenfold, so beware of the tsunami of love that will come back to splash your heart and soul.

IMG_5013 IMG_5007 IMG_5003 IMG_5010 IMG_4992 IMG_5011 IMG_4997  IMG_5006 IMG_4989

And to go with the tsunami of love, here’s my pirate outfit all inclusive of a red velvet jacket I discovered hiding in my closet, which worn with a cinched belt makes the look more feminine and works well with a boxy blazer, like this one.

PS: If it looks like I’m in pain in some of the pictures, it’s because I was. I was braving the cold sans jacket for the shoot, and trying to hide it as best I could. This is what -30 degrees Celsius will do to you. Who knew the wind could hurt that much?


Thank you for reading!


One Thought on “Tsunami of love

  1. great jacket, love that look, I can tell you are super confident in it.

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