Spring is full of casual weekends of dinner plans, coffee dates and the mandatory booty shake, as per weekend status and all. Our bodies are telling us to start warming up for another super-fun-and-crazy summer, so we begin to partake in a couple shenanigans until our senses have been tuned in to only the finest.

Frank and I had been meaning to try out this sushi spot for a while to no avail, but the stars recently aligned and we finally made to Blowfish on 11th ave and 6 street SW. Great suggestion for a Friday night dinner spot, when you want to listen to good music while you enjoy a few bites before getting ready to hit the town. 

You can never go wrong with jeans and a white tee … and  a turquoise scarf.

Also, by mid April, my mind is done trying to come up with winter outfits.




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3 Thoughts on “Urban Bites: Blowfish

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