The more we practice, the luckier we get. The more we do something, the more it clicks and the better we get at it. That’s true for everything, even for learning. I’ve noticed that as we get older, the desire to learn and explore tends to decrease over time. Perhaps we pick up a puzzle, and after a few unsuccessful tries we put it down. Or, we tell ourselves that we could do it if we wanted to, but we just don’t want to be bothered right now.
The thing with learning new things, is that it fires up your brain. What this means, is that an electrical signal is sent through a neural path. Each time this happens the coating around the nerve gets thicker Рlike the rubber coating in electrical wires, which in turn allows us to use the neural pathways more easily and effectively. The result: mad skills!
So, if you are looking for a way to improve performance, all you gotta do is learn, do, keep doing and then do some more.
It’s as simple as when my friend asked how my hair was so long. The¬†secret is not to cut it.
This outfit started with the silk scarf, which you’ve seen before here, and that I decided to pair with a plain white collar shirt and jeans. Wanting to play off the blue and green in the scarf, this navy blazer seemed to do just the trick. With almost an outfit put together, I still needed to find the right pair of shoes. None of my other boots seemed to go well with the rest of the outfit, and anything but a boot would mean my feet would freeze (it’s still damn cold in this city of ours).
So, when in doubt throw on a pair of cowboy boots.
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