When people talk about having a childlike innocence, I think they are referring to being non-discriminatory (i.e. not picky). You give a kid a colouring book and he’s a happy camper, you give him toys, marbles, sticks, rocks, balls, basically he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. It’s not hard to entertain a kid, but to entertain an adult, that’s a different story. Our taste is sophisticated, it knows what it wants. Plus we are lazy. And we get lazy with learning.

I read somewhere that you should learn something new every year. Pick up a new thing, salsa dancing, knitting, skiing, arabic, painting, well, you get the point. You can learn a lot in one year. One year. One year is how old this blog is (woohoo! Still here and loving it!). If it’s been more than one year since you learned something, then take the challenge and pick up something that will be yours for the next year. That’ll be your thing. I found my thing not too long ago. I never, ever thought I’d be able to do it, but here I am long boarding, also known as the closest thing to flying.

It’s never too late to learn anything.

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I’m so excited to tell you about this amazing event happening next weekend in Calgary (Saturday, May 25) called BURST: a runway show of glass couture. I know, what? Glass couture. If that didn’t peak your interest, you must have really sophisticated taste ^_* I’ll be there, and I hope to see you there too!


Thank you for reading!


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