Our life is made up of a series of turning points, split second decisions that stir us one way or another. Sometimes it’s a big decision, like deciding whether we should accept a job offer, or if we should stay together with someone. But, more often than not, decisions end up being made in the split of a second: dessert after dinner? hair up or down?
Sometimes these split second decisions get personal and can stir our moods every which way . . .
You know when you do or say something that makes your heart hurt, because you know it’s not the kind or the right thing to say, but your ego takes over so you plunge in full of anger, resentment, or just enough annoyance to make your eyes roll back. This sort of behaviour is usually triggered when someone does something that irks us. In that split second we have a choice, to make our point and prove that we are right, or we can let it go. It really depends on the situation, but I always remind myself to go where happiness is.
It makes that split second decision easier, my ego smaller, and the outcome well much happier. Triple whammy baby!
Color is the secret to a good look. When you find an amazing piece like this lime green sweater, you can be sure that it will make any outfit special.
It just grabs your eye and doesn’t let it go.
It also helps if you stand at a corner and make a funny pose.
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