Today, I woke up to -40 degree weather, which meant I had to put too much clothing on and fight that little voice in my head that told me to go back to bed and curl up under my blankets. But, no such luck when you live in a country where half the year is winter, so I put on layers and layers and layers of clothing, and after all that I chose to wear a smile on my face because today, the coldest day of the year is also the day that I get to give one of my readers the new Nokia Lumia 1020. As soon as I got home I wrote down all the entries and put them in a bag for a good old luck of the draw. And the winner is . . . DRUM ROLL . . .

Congratulations to you, you will love this phone! I’ll contact you over email to arrange shipping details ^_^

Thank you to everyone who participated by subscribing to my blog!! You rock!

IMG_4749 IMG_4752 IMG_4733 IMG_4708 IMG_4747

Thank you for reading!


Tell me what you think ;)

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