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Yellow Bow | Feeling Urban
Playing chess is one of the things Frank and I do together as a couple. He’s been teaching me as we go, because he is pretty good and has more experience in that territory than I do. When you play chess, both players know the rules, both players can see the whole game the entire time, but somehow we still “miss” some plays, those we just never saw coming. This is where the adversary can gain ground and execute a swift attack. I like chess because it trains me to be more observant and strategic with my moves, both on the board and in life. It doesn’t hurt if you can stay a few moves ahead of the rest.
 Something cute, something fun – a yellow bow will make your girly girl come out. If you want to turn your look around, a simple yet special accessory can do the trick. In this case it takes a could-be-serious outfit and makes it more playful!
And, what do you think about the purple lining on the blazer? I love when jackets have a nice lining. It’s just sexy and unexpected! It’s always the details that make me fall in love <3
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